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Denver, CO
500 16th St., # 150
Denver, CO  80202
(303) 260-7707

Bud was not here.
The Maitre D' said that they are
comfortable serving patrons with food
allergies.  He advised that patrons
with food allergies let them know
about the food allergies and they
would make something safe.
Sonodas Sushi
1620 Market St.
Denver, CO  80202
(303) 595-9500

Bud was not here.
The hostess was uncertain if they
were familiar with food allergies.  The
head chef did not speak much English.
A waiter overheard the conversation
and commented that they  could
handle food allergies.  Let me know
what you decide.
Ruth's Chris Steak House
1445 Market St.
Denver, CO  80202
(303) 446-2233

The Maitre 'D claimed they handle food
allergies on a regular basis.  Unless
someone asks them not to, they
typically put butter on the steaks right
before they are delivered to the table.  
This needs to be discussed and
avoided for patrons with milk allergy.


Food Allergy Friendly Restaurants, Food Allergies 22 Years

Panzano Restaurant
909 17th St. at Champa
Denver, CO  80202
(303) 296-3532

Bud was not here.
The host offered to bring out Head
Chef, Elise Wiggins. She explained the
kitchen staff is trained in food allergy
handling and cross-contamination.  
She claimed they are ready, willing
and able to accommodate for any
combination of food allergies. In fact,
she has personal experience with
Celiac disease which helps her
appreciate food allergen avoidance.
Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery
1001 16th St # 100A
Denver, CO 80265-0005
(303) 534-7616

This review shared by Wilburforce.

Talked to the Hostess.
I was here on business and decided to
ask about their ability to serve my
child who is allergic to milk, egg,
peanuts and tree nuts.  Immediately,
the hostess said avoiding nuts is not a
problem. She offered to ask the chef
about avoiding milk and egg.  When
she returned, she said they could
avoid milk and egg.  They could offer
him a steak with fries and veggie or a
salad. I forgot to ask about possible
cross-contamination in the frying oil.
P.F. Chang's China Bistro
1415 15th Street
Denver, CO
(303) 260-7222

Bud was not here. The waitress
claimed they are used to serving
patrons with food allergies and they
do not use nut oil.
Morton's Steakhouse
1710 Wynkoop St.
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 825-3353

Morton's Steakhouse (Tech Center)
8480 East Belleview Avenue
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
(303) 409-1177

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Morton's ($$$$) has a peanut free
menu and I think a gf mnu as welll
It is a chain so can find 1 in many
cities; pricey but excellent food IMO.
Can relax, feel safe, have a good time.

This shared by Ann.

There are positive reviews regarding
Morton's in Fort Lauderdale, FL and
Morton's in Washington, DC.
I like to proceed cautiously with chain
restaurants ever since the PF Changs
in Honolulu told me they can't
guarantee no cross-contamination
with macademia nuts.  We've had
great success in a couple of their
other locations.