Food Allergies To Go started out as the culmination of our family's experiences with
food allergies and  is expanding as a result of other families and individuals wanting
to share their experiences regarding food  allergy friendly restaurants.  

We are a family of 4 that has been dealing with serious food allergies for 23 years.   
We are NOT doctors,  nor food allergy experts.  We are simply a family that wants to  
share   our experiences with food allergies  in the hope that it will make someone  
else's life easier.

Since everyone's food allergy situation is unique, you need to do your own research
and make your own decisions before trying any food, restaurant, hotel or technique
that we mention.  Your outcome may very well be different from that of someone else.

Personally, before we try any new food, restaurant or hotel, we prefer to make phone
calls, write e-mails and ask numerous questions.  Unfortunately, not all reactions from
food allergies can be prevented.  From the very beginning, we've insisted that our
son always carry his Epi-pen and inhaler.  Our family policy is to prepare and then get
out there and go!

We love to travel.  Fortunately, many of our travel expenses are covered with
frequent flyer miles and hotel rewards points.  When our two sons were younger, we
traveled extensively throughout the United States in a motor home.  As they reached
college age, we yearned to travel outside of the U.S.  As this requires airplane travel,
hotel stays, and eating in food allergy friendly restaurants, we started to do research
and form a plan to travel abroad.

One morning I woke up in a hotel in London and decided it was wasteful not to share
our experiences regarding food allergies with other families who could benefit from
the food allergy friendly restaurant information we  accumulated.   Thus, I grabbed a
piece of paper and was born.

Explore the links to the left to see where we've been and how we managed the food
allergies.   Please comment on the Blog regarding food allergy friendly restaurants
and personal experiences with food allergies. Together, we all can influence how the
restaurant industry perceives and services food allergies.

At first, the site will focus on food allergy friendly restaurants where people with food
allergies have successfully dined, or the restaurant claims they are food allergy
friendly.  There will also be information regarding restaurants that don't seem to "get

Contact us if there are additional topics you would like us to discuss regarding food
allergies, or if you have any food allergy friendly restaurant experiences you would
like to share.
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