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Food Allergy Friendly Restaurants
Blue Ginger
583 Washington St.
Wellesley, MA  02482

Ming Tsai, the owner of Blue Ginger, is the national
spokesperson for the
Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis
He has been catering to individuals with food
allergies for years.

Our son with food allergies to milk, egg, peanut and
tree nuts was NOT here with me.

This information shared by Ann.
After lunch, I spoke with Daniel, the restaurant
manager.  He explained to me why they have such a
good reputation for handling food allergies.  He
started telling me that they have two kitchens and
one is actually nut free.  It's not used on a regular
basis but the main kitchen is prepared to handle nut
free orders.

The entire staff is trained in food allergies.  When a
wait person takes an order regarding food allergies,
they proceed to the recipe book which lists all of the
ingredients for every recipe on the menu. Once they
confirm there are no allergens in the recipe, the
order is placed and flagged so the chef and the
manager understand that it is for a person with food

I don't personally have food allergies but I ordered a
meal that was typically spicy without the spices.  The
waitress went back and forth to the kitchen several
times to confer with the chef before she placed my
order to be certain I would enjoy the meal once it was
cooked.  And I did enjoy it.
Wellesley, MA
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