Venezia, Italy
Murano Venezia, Italy
Ai Frati
Fondamenta Venier, 4
30141 Murano Venezia
Tel.  0039 041 736.694
Fax  0039 041 739.346

October 200
Bud was not with us.  
This place is a real find.  The food is
excellent, our table was right on the
canal, the service was great, and the
owner, Gigi,  has personal experience
with milk, egg and nut food allergies!  
He knew enough English and we knew
a bit of Italian, so we were able to
communicate effectively.

Gigi was adamant that patrons be clear
their allergies could be fatal if not
handled properly.  He strongly
recommends presenting a food card in
Italian  to communicate with the wait
staff and chef.

Ai Frati is only open for lunch, and Gigi
is not there Thursdays.  To me, it makes
sense to have Bud ask for Gigi
personally.  He seemed very
passionate about his business and
about food allergies.

It's about a 20 minute water ferry ride
from St. Mark's Square to Murano.
Supermercato Despar (grocery store)
Fondamenta dei Vetrai, 14, 30141
Murano, Venezia
041 739828

It's approximately a 20 minute water
ferry ride from Saint Mark's Square to

We took the water ferry and got off at
the Murano stop.  We walked straight
ahead on foot, until we reached the
canal.   We used the bridge to our left
to cross the canal.  In approximately
100 yards, there was interior hallway
to the right that led to Des Par. We
never actually went inside the store,
but we talked to one of the locals who
was walking along the canal with his
fresh bags of food.

Note: There's a water closet at the end
of the corridor, before you get on the
elevator to Des Par.
Trattoria a Le Colonete
Calle dei Fabbri, 987
Tel.  041.523708

October 2008
Bud was not with us.
The food was tasty and the waiter was
professional.  After dinner, we talked
to Silvestro Gianni, one of the owners.
 It seems there are no eggs in the
spaghetti, yet there are eggs in the
noodles.  Silvestro mentioned two
sauces that should be fine for Bud
including the bolognese, meat sauce,
and the pomodore, tomato sauce.  He
also suggested the spaghetti with
clams for Bud.  

Because of the language difference, I
will definitely have Bud go in with a
written card describing his allergy
situation in Italian.

Trattoria a le Colonete is open 7 days
per week, 11 months of the year.  It is
closed for the month of January.
Antica Locanda al Gambero
Calle dei Fabbri, 4687 - San Marco
30124 Venezia
Tel.   +(39) 0415224384
Fax.  +(39) 0415200431

October 2008
Bud was not with us.  There was not a
microwave or refrigerator in the room.
 The front desk will give you an ID and
password for free internet access
during your stay.
RATTI (appliance store)
5825 Slizada S. Lio (at end of street)

In case Bud was interested in a small
microwave, we found a Panasonic
800w for approximately 70 euros.

They also sold a small college size
cube refrigerator by Ignis for 194
euros.  The larger Haier with bigger
freezer compartment was 179 euros.
Ferramenta (hardware store)
across the street from 544 calei S. Julian

I never know when I'll need a hand
truck (dolly), so I was excited to see
several different sizes hanging in the
window.  They're good for moving a
microwave or small refrigerator when
there's not a lot of manpower available.
Supermercato SUVE
5817 Salizada S. Lio
corner of calle del Mondo Novo

Note:  I do NOT speak Italian and I do NOT know if any of these foods contain allergens.  I listed the ingredients as listed in the store to give our son
a glimpse of the food labels in Italy.

Kellogg's Corn Flakes
Ingredients: Mais (99%), zucchero, estratto di malto d'orzo, slae, sciroppo di glucosio, vitamine (PP, B6, b2, B1 Folacina, D, B12) e ferro.
Allergini:  contiene orzo.

Kellogg's All-Bran
Ingredents:  Crusca di frumento (86%) zucchero, aroma di malto d'orzo, sciroppo di glucosio, fruttosio, sale, vitamin (PP, B6, B2, B1, folacina, B12) e ferro.    
   Allergeni:  contiene frumento e orzo

??Cameio Vitalis Muesli Frutta  not sure if it's ok.
Contenere trace di altra frutta a guscio e soia.

Nestle Cheerios - could contain peanut and milk.

Natura Pane Azzimo (matzo) - farina di frumento tip o, acqua.

Wasa (crackers): farina di segale itegrale, acqua, sale.  maybe sesame?

Some Montana deli meats contain milk.

Montana Prosciutto Cotto:  Pork meat, salt, dextrose, fructose, flavourings, antioxidant E301, preservative E250.  Packed in a protective atmosphere.

Montana Prosciutto Crudo:  Pork leg, salt, preservative E252.  Gas flushed.

Tonno Al'Olio di Oliva Maruzzella - tuna fish, olive oil, salt.

Delmonte canned peaches (flip top)/Pesche aldo sciroppo
Ingredients:  pesche, acqua, zucchero, sciroppa di glucosio, correctore di acidita: acido citrico.

Delmonte fruit cocktail/Macedonia di Frutta Cocktail de Frutas
Ingredients:  frutta in proporzione variable (pesche, pere, ananas, uva, ciliage con colorante eritrosina): acqua, zucchero, sciroppo di glucisio.

Delmonte Ananas Frette/ Pineapple.    Ingredients:  ananas, succo d'ananas.

Delmonte Pere  looks ok.  Check it out.

Ritz Crackers - tracie di latte e uovo.
trace of milk and egg.

Pringles Originals - Dehydrated potatoes, vegetable oil, corn flour, wheat starch (gluten free), maltodextrin, emuldifier: E471,  salt, rice flour and dextrose;
<0.3% protein (codex alimentarius).
Packed in a protective atmosphere.

Dorita Patatine (chips) - pommes ded terre, huile vegetale, sel.

We could not find any soy milk in the store.

Stterilgarda alimenti 100% succo di Arancia - 100% orange juice made from concentrated juice.  No added sugar.  Contains natural sugars.

Fresh apples, oranges, grapes, peaches, bananas.
Billa Supermercato
Strata Nuova

Note:  I do NOT speak Italian and I do NOT know if any of these foods contain allergens.  I listed the ingredients as listed in the store, to give our
son a glimpse of food labels in Italy.  

Kellogg's Corn Flakes.   Ingredients: Mais (99%), zucchero, estratto di malto d'orzo, slae, sciroppo di glucosio, vitamine (PP, B6, b2, B1 Folacina, D, B12) e
ferro.       Allergini:  contiene orzo.

Kelloggs Coco Pops.  Riso (63%), zucchero, cioccolato (6%) (zucchero, pasta di cacao), cacao magro in polvere, calcio carbonato, sale, sciroppo di
glucosio, estratto di malto d'orzo, aroma, vitamine (PP,B6, B2, B1, folacina, D B12) e ferro.  contiene: orzo.

Kellogg's Rice Krispies.  Riso, zucchero, sale, sciroppo di glucosio - fruttosio, arom di malto d'orzo, vitamine (PP, B6, B2 B12, B1, falacina, D, B12 ) e ferro.    
   contiene: orzo.

Deli Meats
Billa A.G. (store brand?)  Salame Ungherese.     Ingredients:  Carne di suino, sale, vino, destrosio, spezie, ascorbato do sodio, acido ascorbito, nitrato do
potassio, noro di sodio, confezionato in atmospera protettiva.

Billa A.G.  Mortadella  Ingredients:  carne di suino, sale, aromi, saccarosio, spezie, ab sodio, nitrito de sodium.

Billa A. G.  Proscuitto Cotto  Ingredients:  coscia di suino, sale, aromi, destrosio, saccarosio, ab di sodium, nitrito do sodio,   atmosfera protettiva.

Knorr - Minestrone di Legumi con olio extravirgina di oliva.  Ingredients:  acqua, legumi (fragioli borlotti, cecci, fragioli cannellini, piselli, lenticchie, verdune
(pomodor, carote, cipolle, sedano, patate), fiocchi di patate, olio exravergine di oliva, sal da cucina, esaltatori di sapidita, glutammato monosodico,
guanilatodisodico e inosinato disodico; zucchero, basilico, aroma, estratto di lievito, aglio, pepe.

Gello - microonde rice.  Arborro Expresso.  Ingredients:  riso arborio precotto, olio di girasole, sale.

Bread  Fior di Apesa (brand)  pane morbido al grand duro.  Ingredients:  semola rimacinata di grano duro 55%, acqua, farina di grano tenero tipo "o", olio di
oliva 2.5% oli vegetali, destroso 1.7%, sale, farina dicereali malati, lievito naturale, trattario con alcool etilico.  conservare iuogo fresco e asciutto.

Matso  Nattura Pane Azzimo - farina di frumento tiop o, acqua.

Rice Cakes.  Germinal.  4 Crostatine integrali ai frutti di bosco.  ingredent:  shorts,

Matt & Functiar Soja Activ con Calcio bevand di soia.  da bere al posta del latte.  Ingredients:  acqua, semi di soia de corticati di origine italiana (7.5%0,
zucchero di canna, aromi naturali, carbonato di calcio .  Adatto anche per vegetarian evegarie.

Riso Scotti Chiccolat.  In cucina e un ottimo ingredente per la preparazione di slse, budini e dolci raffinati.
Rice Drink:  water, organic rice (17%), rice oil scotti, sea salt.

Fiorentin Sesame Crisps - Barrita Crujientes De Sesamo.  Ingredients: sesame 47%, glucose syrup, sugar.,  fiorentini alimantari Italy

Pumpkin Seeds - Semi de zucca, sale.

Oreos - not safe.

Plastic cups, spoons forks, knives, dishes, bowls. (microwavable).
Strata Nuova

October 2008
Bud was not with us.
McDonald's Italy is different from
McDonald's U.S.  The European website
is run by a third party.
This place was hopping busy, the
afternoon we stopped for a late lunch.  
And the food tasted pretty good.  To
the left end of the counter, was a print
out listing all of the major food
allergens in each item on the menu.
For some reason the McDonald's Italy
website won't let me save a direct link
to the food allergy page of their
I can go to
McDonald's then Italy,
then the green box that ends in
The shortcut,
McDonald's Italy.
only skips the first two steps.
Starting at the bottom of the list, I
opened all the items and then clicked
STAMPA LA TABELLA.  This printed the
complete food allergen lis
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