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Royal Stewart Dining Room
at the Prince of Wales Hotel
P.O. Box 33
1 Park Entrance Rd.
Waterton Park, AB   T0K 2M0

Phone:  (403) 859-2231
Fax:      (403) 859-2630

Our son with food allergies to milk, egg, peanut
and tree nuts was NOT here with us.

After lunch, I spoke with Jesse, the chef,
regarding food allergies.  He told me that he
cooks for individuals with food allergies and
celiac disease often.  He averages a nut free
request almost every other day, and a gluten
free request a couple of times each week.  He
knows the people at Zero 8 in Montreal and
almost went to work for them, but decided to
work here instead.
Waterton Park, AB
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