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Taunton, MA
Ninety-Nine Restaurant
158 Dean St. (Rte. 44 & 104)
Taunton, MA   02780
(508) 821-9922

This shared by Jennifer B.
I live within easy driving distance of
the 99 Restaurant @ Taunton, MA. The
staff is young & there is a LOT of

October 2009
This story shared by Jebann.

Patron allergic to milk, egg, peanut,
tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish, shellfish,
corn and more.

Talked to the Manager and Wait
Person about the food allergies.
All the managers & chefs go to training
about food allergies and they cook
everything separately and they use
food allergy alert. As you know going
out to eat with that list was/is difficult
thats why usually when we do go out
to eat we stick with the 99 Restaurant
because of their strick allergan


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