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Spokane, WA


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Twigs Bistro
Wandermere Business Park
401 E. Farwell
Spokane, WA   99218
(509) 465-8794

Patron allergic to Gluten, eggs, dairy,
soy, beef, food colorings…

This review shared by Angela.
It’s so tough finding a restaurant that
even offers some of the alternative
foods. I’m from Spokane, WA where
there is a Twig’s restaurant. I must say
they are accommodating.
While they do have a gluten free
menu, my kids have many allergies.
Gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, beef, food
colorings… So the gluten free menu
just doesn’t cut it. But they let me pick
& choose things that are on their
menu, to create my own entree. For
example, they offer a regular
hamburger – I substitute a gluten free
bun for the regular one & have them
add goat cheese on it for my son. ( I
let go of the fact that the hamburger
patty probably has soy in it at this
point.) My daughter gets the gluten
free pasta with a side of marinara
sauce. Then both get a side of fresh
fruit. I basically looked over the menu
& pulled food items from the different
entrees they had listed, to make my
kids’ meals.
This is the only place we eat out with
the kids. Forget trying to have an ice
cream cone?