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Seattle, WA
Barolo Ristorante
1940 Westlake Ave.
Seattle, WA
(206) 374-8717

Bud was not with us.  
Talked to Erik, the manager.  He's
there Wednesday through Sunday and
is familiar with food allergies. He
claims the kitchen staff is prepared to
prepare meals for special dietary
needs.  He showed me a laminated
document that they keep at the
hostess station regarding the handling
of foods for anyone who is  on a gluten
free diet.  This happens to be the
foundation for his understanding of

When I inquired about pasta for
someone allergic to milk, egg, peanuts
and tree nuts, he explained that all of
their homemade pastas contain egg.
He did bring out a package of pasta
that was egg free.  It was labeled MAC
HERONI, AL FERRETO, durum wheat
pasta, imported by Lettieri & Co., ltd.
They are in Brisbane, CA and the
phone is (415) 657-3392.  The website
for the manufacturer is  
I noticed the date on the package had
expired and I didn't get a chance to
ask him if he realized that, or if it was a
package that they kept around just for
reordering purposes. I caught him
during the dinner hour, so he was
extremely busy, yet pleasant.

At the time of this writing, Borola was
ranked #83 on


Food Allergy Friendly Restaurants, Food Allergies 22 Years

Red Lion Hotel on Fifth Ave.
1415 5th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 971-8000

Bud was not with us.
Great location, clean, and had a mini
There's a Bed Bath and Beyond just
arouund the block if you want to buy a
microwave for your stay. See address
The staff was friendly and
accommodating.  When we checked in
at 1 a.m., they gave us a free room
upgrade because the room type I had
reserved was not available.  They also
gave us free breakfast vouchers for
our first morning when I inquired if
breakfast was included in the price.
1301 6th Ave.
Seattle, WA
(206) 624-0500

Bud was not with us.
Good location, clean, and room came
with a mini bar fridge.  The man at the
front desk offered that we could
empty the contents of the fridge and
use it to keep our items cold.  It was
expected that we would put the mini
bar content back in the fridge at the
end of our stay.  The mini bar was
stocked with Pringles, 2 cans of
Banana Moon Deluxe Mixed Nuts,
Hershey's mini bars, M & M's, Famous
Amos cookies, and Reese's minis.
Beverages included Tropicana
cranberry juice, water, Coke, diet
Coke, Sprite, Miller Lite Beer, and
various alcoholic beverages.
There's a Bed, Bath and Beyond a few
blocks away if you want to purchase a
microwave for your stay.  Check
address below.
Bed, Bath & Beyond
19303 3rd Ave.
Seattle, WA  98101
(206) 448-7905

They sell countertop microwaves if
you need one while you're in Seattle.
Prices range from $59 - $79.  They will
deliver it to your hotel for $30.
McCormick and Schmick's Seafood

1103 First Ave.
Seattle, WA  98101
(206) 623-5500

Talked to the Head Chef.
He would be able to serve anyone
with food allergies, yet he would
prefer 24 hours notification, so he
could minimize  the probability of
cross contamination.
526 Second Ave. (near Smith Tower of  
                               Pioneer Square)
Seattle, WA   98104
(206) 623-1016

Bud was not with us.
Spoke to the Sous Chef.  She learned
a lot about food allergies in her
previous position working in an
allergy friendly bakery.  She is at the
pub most days and is happy to
prepare a meal for someone with food
Duke's ChowderHouse
901 Fairview Ave N. (on Union Lake)
Seattle, WA   98109
(206) 382-9963

Bud was not with us.
After a yummy lunch, I talked to our
waitress and Jenny, the General
Manager.  They serve patrons with
food allergies
all of the time and take
it very seriously.
 The chef knows how
to avoid
cross-contamination, and
they use a separate fryolator for the
Duke's has six locations in WA which
are all prepared to serve food allergic
Terrace Garden Restaurant (on the 5th
floor of Red Lion Hotel)

1415 Fifth Ave.
Seattle, WA   98101
(206) 971-8000

Bud was not with us.
After a tasty breakfast, I spoke with
Bobby Cooper, the manager.  They
have protocol in place to handle
special dietary needs.  The wait staff is
trained to go to the Head Chef in
these situations.
According to Bobby, If they  have it,
they'll cook it for you.  So, if you need
salmon for breakfast, they'll cook it for
you even though it's not on the
breakfast menu.
P.F. Chang's China Bistro
Westlake Center
400 Pine St.
Seattle, WA   98101
(206) 393-0070

Bud was not with us.
Talked to the manager, Martin
McAuliff.  The staff is trained to serve
patrons with food allergies.  Talk to
the wait person and the manager.  The
manager will go to the cash register
and print their menus which are free
of the ingredients the patron is
allergic to.  If you have multiple food
allergies, the manager will cross
reference the lists to see which menu
items are safe.  If you ask to be
involved in cross referencing the
lists, Martin will be happy to let you
The Pink Door
1919 Post Alley (near Pike's Market)
Seattle, WA  98101
(206) 443-3241

Bud was not with us.
After a tasty lunch, I talked to the
waiter, who also happens to be a flight
attendant for one of the major airlines,
about food allergies.
He said the staff at the Pink Door is
experienced in handling food
allergies.  Be sure to talk to your wait
person and the manager.

At the time of this post, Pink Door is
ranked #78 at
Salty's on Alki
1936 Harbor Ave. SW
Seattle, WA 98126
(206) 937-1600

Bud was not with us.
I talked to Jada Wood, the manager,
during brunch.  Although it was very
busy, she introduced me to Levi, the
nquet Chef.  He has served many
patrons with food allergies.  He wants
to know what the patron is allergic to
and the severity of the food allergy.  
He likes to start by telling the patron
that eating from the buffet can be very
risky because the food and utensils
are handled by many patrons.  If the
food allergic patron is still inclined to
eat at the buffet, he will identify
potentially safe items for the patron.

He recommends that persons with
food allergies order from the kitchen,
where he will start with a clean pan
and utensils and prepare the food in a
clean corner of the kitchen.
Jada mentioned that one of the
owner's is allergic to seafood
(impressive for a restaurant on the
water named Salty's)  The owner
makes it a priority to have the staff
trained in handling food for patrons
with food allergies.  She even wrote
an article regarding food allergies at
For those concerned with budget, the
lunch menu has a daily blue plate
special at $9.95.  It's typically a half
entree of their fresh catch of the day.

We personally went back after Sunday
brunch at 3:30 and ordered from the
happy hour menu out on the deck.  
The burgers were yummy and the
water view was extraordinary.
King County Water Taxi (to Alki)
Pier 55
Seattle, WA

Some of the items at the snack bar
included Snapple Pink Lemonade,
Pepsi, bottled water, Fritos, Ruffles,
Lay's BBQ Chips, Skittles, and Rold
Gold Pretzels.
Virginia Inn (restaurant)
1937 1st Ave. at Virginia St.
Seattle, WA   98101
(206) 728-1937

Bud was not with us.
After a tasty dinner, I talked to Patrice,
the manager, and Josh, the chef.  
Patrice and Josh both have personal
experience with food allergies
amongst family members.  
Josh told me about avoiding cross
contamination before I even had a
chance to ask.  He described how he
washes the plate, the tongs, and
anything else he uses to prepare a
meal for someone with food allergies.
He told a story regarding his previous
employment where the fryolator
contained peanut oil.  He knew it could
be a trigger for anyone with a peanut
Josh explained that the sous chef and
staff are aware of food allergies.  He or
the sous chef are always there.  He
was very friendly and left the kitchen
to speak with me even though the
restaurant was very busy.
We went back a week later for a
second time with some friends
because we want to support
restaurants who try to be food allergy
friendly.  The sidewalk tables are a
charming place to sip a micro brewed
beer while you wait for the meal. This
is one of the few places open at night
when much of Seattle closes early.
Sport Restaurant & Bar
140 4th Ave. N. (across the street from  
                           Space Needle)
Seattle, WA   98109
(206) 404-7767

Bud was not with us.
After a nice dinner, I talked to Chris
Sweet, the General Manager.  He
understands cross-contamination and
was quick to mention that the fries
would NOT be safe for someone
allergic to dairy and nuts.  When I
asked about other potatoes or rice, he
told me the Jambalaya contained rice.  
I then asked if the chef would be
willing to make plain rice and he said
He suggested we call one day in
advance so they could properly
prepare for the allergy free meal.
He claims they serve people  with food
allergies regularly.  Although the menu
contains a lot of dairy in the form of
cheese, and some nuts, the chefs will
do their very best to prepare
something for the food allergic patron.
He offered me his business card and
was very focused and serious about
the food allergy topic.
Sky City Restaurant (at the top of            
Space Needle)

400 Broad St.
Seattle, WA  98109
(206) 905-2100

Bud was not with us.
There is a bottle of hazelnut oil on
each table which can be used to
moisten bread since butter is not
typically served with the bread basket.

Our waiter was very pleasant and
professional.  He explained that the
staff is trained to handle patrons with
food allergies.  He told a story of a
patron who had an allergic reaction
several years ago and was promptly
assisted to street level so that medical
attention could be sought. Since then,
he claims they take food allergies very

Sky City restaurant is located one level
below the observation deck which is
the top level at the Space Needle. At
first, I thought the entrees appeared
pricey until I realized I wouldn't have
to pay the $16 elevator fee to get up to
the observation deck.  I love to
photograph sunsets, and the view
from Sky City did not disappoint.

At this writing, Sky City is ranked #97 at
94 Stewart Street
94 Stewart St.
Seattle, WA  98101
(206) 441-5505

Bud was not with us.
After a pleasant lunch, I talked to the
waiter who talked to the chef for me.  
The owner/chef has food allergies, so
she takes pride in being able to serve
patrons with food allergies.

At the time of this post, 94 Stewart is
ranked #14 at
Wild Ginger (Asian restaurant)
1401 3rd Ave. at Union St.
Seattle, WA  98101
(206) 623-4450

Bud was not with us.
During a yummy lunch, I talked to the
waitress about food allergies.  She
said they are well aware that they
have a number of recipes with
peanuts, so they take extra
precautions with food allergies.  They
start with a clean wok, clean gloves,
and a clean area away from peanuts.
They don't have many recipes with
milk, and they have many options
without eggs.  
The chef made me a custom version
of a dish for me with rice noodles,
zuchini, carrots, bok choy, and
She told me they serve a lot of
patrons with food allergies.  I enjoyed
the hot hand towels at the end of the
meal to clean our hands.
I noticed the chop sticks are made of
teak and would encourage Bud to ask
for a new pair in case the teak
absorbed some peanut oil that might
not be removed in the dishwasher.
We arrived at 2:15 pm on a Saturday,
which is their slower day.  They tend
to have heavy traffic from the
business community during the week.

At this writing, Wild Ginger is ranked
#38 at
Wasabi Bistro
2311 Second Ave.
Seattle, WA   98121
(206) 441-6044

Bud was not with us.
The men in my life enjoy sushi, so I
always try to find at least one solid
sushi restaurant when I travel. Wasabi
passed the taste test and the food
allergy inquiry.  The waiter told me it's
important to let the wait staff and chef
know about your food allergies.  The
chef will wash his cutting board and
knife to avoid cross-contamination.
IGA Kress Supermarket
1423 3rd Ave.
Seattle, WA   98101
(206) 749-9500

Bud was not with us.
One of the first things I do in any city
is locate a nearby supermarket.
"FUNZ" buns looked free of dairy, and
nuts, but there was no "contains"
They carry Silk, Deli Select, Hormel
ham, variety of canned soups from
Bud's grocery list, including
Roadhouse chili.  Thomas' bagels
appear free of dairy and nuts.  They
sell Enjoy Life cookies including
chocolate chip, gingerbread spice,
happy apple, and double chocolate
I saw Kashi black bean mango, Turkey
Fiesta Sandwich, and Healthy Choice
Cafe Steamers. They also carry Kashi
TLC bars.  The Grand Central Sliced
Campagnolo bread and Grande Bolo
bread appear free of dairy and nuts.
222 Pike St. at 3rd Ave.
Seattle, WA     98101
(206) 903-8392

We bought two styrofoam coolers here
which came in very handy when we
needed food and drinks to go hiking.