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Reston, VA
Romano’s Macaroni Grill
1845 Fountain Dr.
Reston, VA   20190
(703) 471-4474

Our son with food allergies to milk,
egg, peanut and tree nuts was NOT
with us.

This review shared by Ann.
After dinner, I talked to Eric, the
General Manager.  He told me that
Macaroni Grill takes food allergies
very seriously.  Their chefs are trained
in food allergies and cross-
contamination. Eric told me they have
safely served many patrons with food

Eric handed me
eight printouts, each
containing a suggested menu for each
of the top 8 allergens. The wheat free
list also mentions gluten. Patrons with
multiple allergies should cross
reference the appropriate lists to
make sure their menu selection is free
from their personal allergens.

Romano’s encourages patrons to
discuss food allergies with the
manager before placing an order.  
There are disclaimers on their printed
materials stating they are unable to
guarantee that any menu entrée be
completely free of all allergens.  These
allergy menus and
disclaimers are available on their


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Jackson’s Mighty Fine Food & Lucky
11927 Democracy Dr.
Reston, VA 20190
(703) 437-0800

Our son with food allergies to milk,
egg, peanut and tree nuts was NOT
with us.

This review shared by Ann.
After dinner, I had a chance to talk to
Emily, the manager.  She said that
many people with food allergies dine
at Jackson’s.  The wait staff is trained
to involve a manager as soon as a
customer mentions food allergies.  
Then the manager takes responsibility
to communicate with the kitchen.

The chefs are trained in cross-
contamination and they have recipe
cards available that specify possible
food allergens in each recipe. A
section of the grill is dedicated to
meats that are cooked with olive oil
only, so there is no chance of cross-
contamination from butter, etc.  They
will cook meat/fish in a separate pan if
that is what is necessary to keep the
customer safe.

Plain baked potatoes are available, as
well as steamed asparagus, corn on
the cob, spinach, and brussell
sprouts.  French fries are cooked in a  
dedicated fryer, but the oil is filtered
through a common filter so might be
cross-contaminated.  The fryers are
refilled with new oil every other day.  

This place was hopping.  We were
there on a Wednesday evening and
had to wait 20 minutes to be seated.

Jackson’s is a member of  
American Restaurants.  Emily told me
that all of their restaurants have
similar food allergy policies.