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Raynham, MA
Chili's Grill & Bar
500 South St W
Raynham, MA 02767-5342
(508) 824-6536

This story shared by Jebann.

Patron allergic to milk, egg, peanut,
tree nuts, soy wheat, fish shellfish,
corn, and more.

Talked to Manager and Wait Person
regarding food allergies.
My son is allergic to Milk, Eggs,
Peanuts, Nuts, Garlic, Tomatoes,
Buckwheat, Rye, Barley,Oats, Turkey,
Fish, Shellfish,Canteloupe, Red Dye,
Sesame, umm and a bunch of others, it
is usually easier for me to remember
what he can have than what he cant
have.  As you know going out to eat
with that list was/is very difficult thats
why usually when we do go out to eat
we stick with the 99 Resturant
because of their strick allergan
awareness.  At the time when we had
gone to Chili's we had told them about
our son's allergies and we had
brought our chef card listing his
allergies and they told us that they
could handle it, so we went ahead and
ordered him a plain piece of chicken
no seasonings and steamed broccoli.  
We had told them before ordering,
after ordering and then when the food
came asked again if it was made
"safely".  They assured us that it was,
well within 2 bites he started to get
hives, get itchy, his face turned all red
and puffy (as you know) so I had my epi
pen on us but I also had some Atarax
in the car so I quickly grabbed my son
and ran to the car so that I could give
him his meds, well my husband kept
telling them that we had to leave asap
cuz our son was having a reaction and
they took their sweet time to bring him
the check now at this point we
probably only each had about 1 bite
out of meals but yet we were expected
to wait for the server to bring the
check without them taking anything
off.  When my husband finally got to
the car I told him that our son was
getting worse and that we needed to
get to the ER right away and asked
what had taken him so long.  Well I told
him that he shouldve just left w/o
paying but you know we probably
would have gotten in big trouble for
that.  Later that day I called Chili's and
spoke to the Manager who basically
apologized and offer us to come back
on a night that he was working and
give us a free dinner.  Well I wasnt
about to bring my son their ever again.
 This past April we went to Disney
World and they were awesome with
food allergies, the chef came out and
spoke to us and made his dish
personally and then delivered it to
him.  So I diffinately have had some
great experences and not so great
experiences.  Good luck with your
website and keep up the good work


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