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Purcellville, VA
Magnolia's at the Mill
198 North 21st St.
Purcellville, VA
(540) 338-9800

This story shared by LoCoallergylife.

Patron allergic to milk, egg, peanut,
tree nuts, soy and garlic.

Talked to the manager and wait person
regarding food allergies.
We celebrated my husband's 40th bday
on Saturday with family and friends,
finishing a dinner with his immediate
family at this local restaurant. Our
previous experience there proved
that the french fries were not safe
because they dip their fries in batter.
We always bring our own food, of
course, so we just gave my 3 yr old
daughter the food we brought. She
has been OK with this because this is
all she knows, but I know as she gets
older she will want to eat from the
restaurant like everyone else - so I
feel like we have to keep trying. This
event took some extra planning
anyways because of the number of
guests and we were able to get a semi
private room which was helpful
because other parties food wouldn't
be as much as a concern, as she also
has inhalation allergy especially to
garlic. I called a day before the dinner
and spoke with the manager to explain
our needs. They were friendly to my
request of small piece of salmon
baked in foil no seasoning. When we
arrived our server was pre advised
and in addition, a nursing student
about to take her Boards! We found
out that the manager assigned her to
our table - the extra thought is so nice!
She assured us that food allergies are
not to be taken lightly and could help
us with our sides we brought for her
and seeing that it's heated up in our
containers. I know this was a lot extra,
but she was helpful! We enjoyed
watching our daughter eating happily
with her cousins and all the extra work
was worth it for this event. This
restaurant is a sister to Tuscorora Mill
in Leesburg, VA. Thank you! And for
sharing that you've had success in
enjoying these "challenges" in our life
and that miracles can happen


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