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Norwood, MA
International House of Pancakes
1378 Providence Highway
Norwood, Ma   02062
(781) 769-6442

This shared by Jennifer.  I prefer not to eat
@ IHOP in Norwood even w/out my PA
son--mistakes happen frequently there.

Bud was not with us.  I talked to one of the
experienced waitresses regarding food
allergies.  She said they handle orders for
patrons with food allergies on a regular
basis.  The computer station where they
punch in the food orders is programmed so
that the wait person can tag an order for
food allergies alerting the chefs about the
She mentioned a young boy with nut
allergies who dines there regularly.  And
she mentioned a patron with a severe egg
allergy whose order had to be placed at
the far end of the counter from the regular
orders, so it would not pick up any egg
They cook each egg order in a separate
pan and will make sure the pan and
utensils are clean for any food allergy
special order.


Food Allergy Friendly Restaurants, Food Allergies 22 Years

Bertucci's Italian Restaurant
1405 Providence Hgwy. (Rt. 1)
Norwood, MA 02062

Patron allergic to milk, egg, peanut and
tree nuts.

This review shared by Ann.
This was the second time we took our son
with food allergies here.  He wanted lobster
ravioli, but the waitress checked with the
chef and learned there is cheese in the
ravioli, so he had the rigatoni with chicken
and broccoli covered with the white wine
sauce.  He said it was very good.

He loves the fact that he can eat the rolls
at Bertucci's, since they are so tasty.

Our waitress was very nice but seemed a
bit inexperienced with their food allergy
protocol. She offered to bring my son
some bread dipping oil with pepper in it.  I
mentioned that the last time we were there
the manager was able to bring the oil with
all of the spices minus the cheese.  Also, I
mentioned that it was my understanding
that the manager was to be involved
whenever a patron with food allergies was
in the restaurant.

She returned from the kitchen with the fully
spiced dipping oil minus the cheese, and
mentioned that she spoke with the
manager and GM regarding our son's food
allergies, so that everything would be in
order from that point on.  And it was.  She
took our order and mentioned that
preparation time would be longer than
usual because of the food allergies.  That
was fine with us since we were engaged in
an interesting conversation with our son
and had plenty of rolls to nibble on.

The waitress explained to us that the
managers have access to a remote area of
the kitchen that the wait staff does not
have access to, therefore they are able to
provide items such as cheese free spicy
dipping sauce that the wait staff doesn't
have access to.

I'm sure we'll be back.

Our son with food allergies to milk, egg,
peanut and tree nuts was NOT with us.

This review shared by Ann.
After dinner, I spoke to Chris, the
manager, regarding food allergies.  He told
me that Bertucci's is very serious when it
comes to food allergies and gluten-free
diets.  Whenever a patron mentions a food
allergy, the manager will get involved.  
Chris said he would personally prepare my
son's meal to ensure that there is no
cross-contamination in the process. He
mentioned that all of the Bertucci's
managers are trained to do the same.  

He said their tomato sauce is milk, egg and
nut free.  He told me that the chef cooks a
large pot of sauce early in the day.  Then it
is divided into smaller containers, cooled,
wrapped and stored in the refrigerator.  
For a patron with food allergies, he would
open a fresh container of sauce to be sure
it has not been cross-contaminated.   Most
of their pasta is milk, egg and nut free.  
For a patron with food allergies, he would
boil a fresh pot of water in a clean pan to
cook the pasta.  He assured me that he
would also be able to prepare a vegetable
or salad for my son.  The bread rolls at
Bertucci's are also free of milk, egg and
nuts,  He said the dipping oil typically
contains cheese, but he would prepare it
for my son without the cheese.

During the conversation,  Chris mentioned
that they have special kits of wrapped
clean pots and utensils for patrons on a
gluten free diet.  I mentioned to him that
they should also use the clean kits for
patrons with food allergies and he replied
that he would be happy to do so.  I'll be
sure to have my son request that when he
places his order.

Bertucci's currently offers a separate
gluten free menu for patrons who must
avoid gluten.