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Newport Beach, CA
Muldoon’s Pub
202 Newport Center Dr.
Newport Beach, CA  92660
(949) 640-4110

Our son who is allergic to milk, eggs,
peanuts and tree nuts was NOT here
with us.

This review was shared by Ann.
After dinner, I talked to the manager
and the bartender.  The bartender told
me they have served patrons with
food allergies but they don’t often
have such a request.  She suggested
that someone with food allergies
should try to dine during non-peak
hours.  We were there at 6:30 p.m. on a
Saturday and the place was packed.  
Marcel, the manager, told me the
chefs can handle food allergies, but
the patron has to be very clear with
their server as to how they want their
food handled and which allergens they
are trying to avoid.  He used the
example to tell the server to make
sure that the chef uses clean utensils,
etc. to avoid cross-contamination.

Here’s a situation where I will tell my
own son to be sure he uses a detailed
chef card so that his message is
clearly communicated to the chef. By
the way, I always tell him to put his
allergies in writing for the chef.  I will
stress that Muldoon’s is not the place
to relax those standards based on
what Marcel told me.

Muldoon’s business card states that
they were voted Southern California’s
#1 pub.  


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Marriott Newport Beach
900 Newport Center Dr.
Newport Beach,  CA   92660
(949) 729-6900
(949) 729-6906

Our son with food allergies to milk,
egg, peanut and tree nuts was NOT
with us.

This review shared by Ann.
Room 833 was clean with a faint smell
of cleaning solution.  Although my
Marriott profile requests “no
feathers”, there was a feather topper
and a feather pillow on the bed.  At the
front desk I was told they would
remove the feathered items right
away, but I didn’t bother since I was
checking out at the time of inquiry.  

Small refrigerators are available upon
request for the rooms at no extra
charge.  The clerk at the front desk
told me it would be wise to reserve
the refrigerator as soon as I made my
reservation.  He said they usually do
not run out of them, but it’s a
possibility when they host a large
conference.  They do not have
microwave ovens for the rooms, but
they will be happy to heat your food
and return it to your room.

Food allergy friendly Harry & Sam’s
restaurant (read review on this page)
is right inside the hotel as well as a
not so food allergy friendly Starbucks.
Sam & Harry’s
at Marriott Newport Beach
900 Newport Center Dr.
Newport Beach, CA   92660
(949) 729-6900
(949) 729-6906

My son with food allergies to milk, egg,
peanut and tree nuts was NOT here.

This review shared by Ann.
I talked to Betty, the restaurant
manager.  She told me they handle
numerous requests for food allergies
and gluten free meals.  The chefs will
prepare something from the kitchen
when a patron has food allergies.  
There are some nuts in the kitchen but
the chefs are very careful with them.  
They also do have some tiny tubs of
peanut butter.