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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Cho'cola Patisserie/Bake Shop
5601 Monkland Avenue
Montreal, QC 514-485-2652

This review shared by Heblum.

Patron allergic to peanut and tree nuts.

Talked to the chef/owner regarding
food allergies. It's a nut free cupcake
& cake bakery!  They have lunches,
salads and sandwiches. We go there
all the time.


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Zero8 Restaurant and Bar
1735 Saint-Denis
Montreal, QC

This review shared by

Patron allergic to Peanut.

I talked to the wait person. We spent a
wonderful evening with our friends
who were curious about discovering
this new dining experience, which
was safe for me and very interesting
for all of them. The menu is composed
of fresh ingredients for all
sophisticated palates and is
concocted without fish and seafood,
peanuts, nuts, sesame seeds, milk
(lactose & casein), soya, eggs, wheat
or any grain containing gluten (barley,
oat, rye and triticale) and sulphites
(food supplement). Also, the meat is
prime quality and everything on the
menu (cocktail, beer, wine, starters,
main course, deserts, coffees, teas
and take away) absolutely guarantees
that there are no contacts with any of
the most important allergens. Even
their hand soap, in the washroom, is
certified gluten free! The friendly and
professional staff is aware of the
severity of food allergies on their
clientele. It was an amazing
experience to taste my first Thai meal
and discovered a restaurant which is
saved for my life and pleasant to go
to. It will be definitively a place to visit
again soon and I will strongly
recommend it to family with young
children with food allergies.

This review shared by Katerine.

I live in Montreal Canada and there
might be a solution for someone who
has a food allergy and still wants to
eat at a restaurant. Zero8 is the first
restaurant with a completely
hypoallergenic menu designed
without the top eight allergens that
affect most Canadian allergy-sufferers
(Fish and seafood, Peanuts, Nuts,
Sesame seeds, Milk, Soybeans, Eggs,
Wheat or any grain containing gluten).
Surprisingly, it’s not boring, bland,
granola hippie food and the decor at
Zero8 is also really stylish. The owners
are really concerned and take the
food seriously. Plus, it’s really good!

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