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Mammoth Cave, KY
Mammoth Cave Hotel Main Dining
Highway 70
Mammoth Cave, KY   42259
(270) 758-2225


Bud was not with us.
This was by far and away the best meal
we had while we were traveling
through and near the Smoky
Mountains for one week.

I spoke with Sarah Martin, the
Assistant GM, regarding the
restaurant's ability to handle food
allergies. She said she will do
everything in her power to safely feed
someone with food allergies.   She's
happy to pull boxes from the kitchen
for label reading.  She talked about
using clean utensils to avoid
cross-contamination before I had a
chance to ask.  She mentioned that it's
sometimes easier to start by asking
someone what they can eat and then
progressing from there.  She's been
there for 17 years and plans to be
there in the future. She told me that
the Rangers are first responder EMTs
and they carry epinephrine. Sarah told
us that the closest hospital is
approximately 15 minutes away. The
closest MAJOR hospital is
approximately 25 - 30 minutes away.  
Glascow is approximately 25 minutes.
Bowling Green is approximately 30

Our waitress was friendly and
professional. After I ordered dinner, I
changed my mind.  The waitress
pleasantly offered to advise the
kitchen of my new decision.


Food Allergy Friendly Restaurants, Food Allergies 22 Years

Mammoth Cave Hotel
Highway 70
P.O. Box 27
Mammoth Cave, KY   42259
(270) 758-2225


Bud was not with us.
The Mammoth Cave Hotel advertises
itself as a green hotel.  We were
originally assigned to room 161 on the
first floor, but decided to ask for
another room.  I was sensitive to the
strong smell of possible cleaning
agents on the first floor.
Room 254 on the second floor seemed
better to me.  The room had a balcony
with a screened sliding door, so we
left it open for fresh air.