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Panini Grill Restaurant
5354 Wilshire Blvd (near Detroit)
Los Angeles, CA   90036
(323) 935-0237
(323) 935-3864

My son with food allergies to milk,
egg, peanut and tree nuts was NOT
here with us.

This review shared by Ann.
After lunch, I talked with our waitress.  
She told me they do serve some
patrons with food allergies and other
special dietary needs.  She talked to
the chef on my behalf since his
primary language is Spanish and mine
is English.  He said he could prepare a
milk, egg, and nut free meal for my
son.  He would appreciate it if food
allergic patients call before they
arrive so that he has extra time to
prepare the meal.  All of their pasta
has egg in it, but they do have plain
baked potatoes that can be added to
any meal.

This is a small neighborhood
restaurant so all of the tables are
served by one waitress.

I was referred to the Panini Grill by
someone who lives in the area and
eats there regularly.