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Gatlinburg, TN
Best Italian Cafe & Pizzeria
Elks Plaza
968 Parkway, Suite 8
Gatlinburg, TN   37738
(865) 430-4090
(865) 436-2378 (Best)

Bud was not with us.
After dinner, I spoke with Cookie, the
manager. She seemed very passionate
about the topic of food allergies. She
said there are no nuts anywhere.  No
milk or eggs in the pizza crust or rolls.  
Patrons with food allergies should talk
to the manager, and she will make
sure there is no cross-contamination.  
They deal with food allergies regularly.
 She talked about a gluten-free group
that meets there regularly and bring in
their own pizza dough so that the chef
can make pizzas for them.
Best Italian was recommended by
several locals when we asked around
for a place to eat dinner.


Food Allergy Friendly Restaurants, Food Allergies 22 Years

Jack Huff's Gatlinburg Hotel and
Motor Lodge
204 Cherokee Orchard Rd.
Gatlinburg, Tn   37738
(800) 322-1817

Bud was not with us.
Rooms 305 and 307 were clean but
had a chemical smell which bothered
my allergies.  I stayed in room 312
which did not have that same odor.  At
the end of the day, when I got back to
the room, I turned the A/C on and got
a blast of the chemical smell that I
didn't like in the other rooms.  I
quickly shut off the A/C, cracked open
a window and everything was fine.  I
told the manager the next day at
check out, so they would have a
chance to investigate the A/C units.

Each room had a refrigerator and
microwave which seemed clean.
Pancake Pantry
628 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN   37738
(865) 436-4724

Bud was not with us.
After a hearty breakfast, I spoke to the
dining room manager.  He said that
they clean off a corner of the grill and
avoid touching other foods when they
have a food allergy request.  He
suggested I speak to Gary Myers, the
Garry told me they often handle
requests for nut free meals.  He said
he recently had a request for a dairy
free meal and the patron provided
their own soy milk.  He was able to
handle the request, but noted that
would be difficult for him if the
restaurant was extremely busy.
Gary is there every day except for
Wednesday and Thursday.  He likes to
personally handle the food allergy
requests himself, so ask for Gary.
He mentioned they do have oatmeal
and cereals that are milk, egg, and nut
free. Bananas are also available. The
menu includes sandwiches and items
that are not just breakfast foods.