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Framingham, MA


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Papa Razzi
155 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01702

Our son with food allergies to milk,
egg, peanut and tree nuts was not
with us.

This review shared by Ann.
The first thing I noticed upon reading
the menu was the statement offering
gluten free pasta.  After dinner, I
spoke with John, the Regional
Manager, regarding food allergies.  He
told me he has some personal
experience with family members that
have food allergies and he knows how
scary it can be to watch someone
have an allergic reaction.  He said that
he and everyone at  Papa Razzi take
food allergies very seriously.  
Wait persons are to notify the
manager on duty as soon as a patron
mentions that they have food
allergies.  The manager will then be
responsible to monitor the meal
preparation in the kitchen and
personally deliver it to the food
allergic patron.

John mentioned that
cross-contamination is the greatest
risk for a patron with food allergies in
any restaurant and that is why it is his
job to make sure the meal is safely
prepared in the kitchen.  All utensils
and pans are to be clean before meal
prep begins.  There pasta does not
contain eggs and they will use a clean
pot of water to prepare it.

John said word has spread that they
do a great job preparing safe meals
for individuals with food allergies so
they now see an average of two dozen
diners with food allergies per day!!!

He said all member restaurants of the
Back Bay Restaurant Group are
required to follow the same food
allergy preparation standards.