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Del Mar, CA


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Jake’s Delmar
1660 Coast Blvd.
Del Mar, CA  92014
(858) 755-2002

Our son with food allergies to milk,
egg, peanut, and tree nuts was NOT
here with us.

This review shared by Ann.
After lunch by the water, I talked to
John, the dining room manager.  He
said his entire staff has been trained
in food allergies and they serve quite
a few people with food allergies.  We
talked about what he would offer my
son if he were to dine there.  The
chefs could prepare plain meat/fish
with vegetables and small boiled
potatoes with herbs.  Their fryer is
cross-contaminated with Macadamia
nuts, so their fries would not be safe
for someone with tree nut allergy.  He
mentioned that all of their recipes are
documented regarding food allergens
so it is easy for the staff to confirm
which foods are safe for a patron
based on their particular allergies.

Jake’s is a member of
TS Restaurants.