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Burlington, MA
Rainforest Cafe
Burlington Mall
75 Middlesex Turnpike
Burlington, MA   01803
(781) 272-7555

This story shared by Valeria.

Patron allergic to peanut, tree nuts,
wheat, shellfish, and sesame.

Talked to the Manager, Wait Person,
and Hostess/Maitre D' .
We found out my younger son had
allergies when he was 2 (he is 4 now)
after he got an anaphylactic reaction
and ended up in the hospital. None of
us is allergic, neither is my older son,
so it was pretty hard to say the least.
We almost don't go out to eat and
when we do we take food for him so
being able to eat out is quite a treat
for us. When you go to the restaurant
you tell the person seating you that
your kid has allergies and they call the
manager right away. When you are sat
he comes, introduces himself and asks
you what allergies your kid has. After
that he tells you what items in the
menu are safe and which could be
customized to your needs. For Eg. my
son could have a hamburger with no
bun (sesame) and the fries are baked
and not fried (frier is shared). Finally
the manager takes the order and
personally supervises it to make sure
it is safe. My son is always so happy to
go there, he looks at the animals and
ENJOYS so much being able to be like
the rest!!! On the other hand, we are
thrilled to be able to attend without
feeling we are playing Russian
roulette... I am sure you guys know
what I mean... :-(


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