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Montiel Restaurant
Flassaders 19 - Born (behind Picasso
08003 Barcelona, ES
93 268 37 29
610 71 19 24


Bud was not here with us.
I spoke with Marcos, the waiter.
He spoke English well. When I asked
about food allergies, he went to the
kitchen and spoke with the chef on my
behalf. He said they understand food
allergies and cross-contamination. He
mentioned that they would use a clean
space in the kitchen.

Montiel is very small and fills up for
almost every meal, so they do require
a reservation. The food allergies
should be discussed at time of
reservation and also upon arrival.
Marcos is not there on Thursdays.

At the time of this post, they are open
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from
1:30 - 4:00, and every evening from 8 -
11. Also at the time of this post,
Montiel is rated #2 at


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Hotel Pulitzer
Calle Bergara 8
08002 Barcelona, Spain
(+34) 934 81 67 67


Bud was not here with us.
The manager and many of the front
desk employees were fluent in
English and Spanish.

Room 404 was uncluttered and clean.
There were hardwood floors without
rugs which made my dust allergies

There was a mini-bar refrigerator built
into the wall which was approximately
six inches deep. One of the woman at
the front desk told me that with prior
arrangements a guest with food
allergies could use the fridge for
medically necessary foods.

I spoke to the manager about
purchasing a microwave and using it
in the room since the room did not
come with one. He offered two
choices.  The hotel chef would heat
our items in the kitchen microwave or
we could bring one into the hotel and
it would be stored in the manager's
office for our personal food allergy
use. He felt it might be a fire hazard if
left unattended in our room. He wants
the hotel to accommodate special
needs such as food allergies without
creating a hazard for other guests.
General Information
My research via Internet indicated
that food allergies are not prevalent in
Spain and therefore many of the
citizens were not familiar with the
condition. This was confirmed by
several individuals I spoke with while
in Barcelona.
However, there are a few places that
seem to understand.
Taverna del Bisbe
Av. Catedral 6-8
08002 Barcelona
93 319 18 19


Bud was not here.
The first two waiters did not speak
English, so they introduced me to
Jorge, who spoke English well.  He said
they do serve people with celiac
disease and allergies. He claimed they
could avoid milk, egg, peanut and tree
nuts if my son had been with me. He
said he understood
Keisy Supermercat
Consell de Cent, 409
Barcelona, ES
932 654 624


Came across this supermarket on our
way to another destination. It is a good
size grocery store. Nine locations are
shown if you click the Keisy link above.
El Corte Ingles
Placa de Cataluyna
Barcelona, Spain

This is a very large department store chain in Spain.  The bottom floor of the store located in
Placa de Cataluyna is a very large supermarket.
It's directly across the placa (plaza) from the Hotel Pulitzer.

Photos and ingredients of some of their grocery items (as of 12/5/09) are posted on the
Allergies To Go Facebook page. Other grocery items and their ingredients (as of 12/5/09) are
listed here.

Prawns in brine (canned shrimp)
Ingredients:  Prawns, water, salt, acidifyer (citric acid)

Fringa - Mejllones en escabeche.
Ingredients:  mejllones, aceite de oliva, vinagre, especias y sal.

brilliante Arroz Redondo Traditional.
Ingredients:  Arroz, aceite girasol alto oleico, sal lectinade soja.

CIDACOS Lentejas jardinera.
Ingredients:  Lentils, cooking water, carrot, potato, green pepper, onion, salt, flavor enhancer

CIDACOS Potajer garbanzos.
chick peas, cooking water, cabbage, potato, carrot, spinach, tomato, salt., chirizo sausage (pork lean and bacon fat, salt, garlic, paprika), cured bacon
(pork bacon, salt, paprika), potato, carrot, tomato and salt.

CIDACOS Cocido Madrileno.
Chick pea stew with beef.
chick peas, cooking water, beef (8%)

Casa Tarradellas Jamon Cocido Sin Gluten
Ingredients:  Jamon, sal, dextrosa, azucar, estabilizadores [E45i, E407], conservador (nitritio,
sodico), antioxidante (ascorbato sodico), especias, aromas, potenciador del sabor [E621].

Bonito del Norte
Ingredients, Bonito, aceite de oliva y sal.
Northern white tuna.

CARRETLILLA ensaladas pic-nic.
conteines: pescado y gluten

Ruffle Original Potato Chips
Ingredients:  Potatas, gresa vegetal y sal.
Burger King
Rambla de Santa Monica, 26
08001 Barcelona, Spain
93 481 31 59


Bud was not here with us.
The two young women at the counter
and the security guard at the stairway
did not understand enough English to
understand food allergies.

The manager spoke some English.  
When I asked about food allergies, he
handed me a pre-printed chart listing
all of their items and possible major

We tried to but did not successfully
communicate regarding