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Two Sisters Café
near Babb, Montana

P.O. Box 230
Babb, MT  59411

Phone:  (406) 732-5533
Big John's cell phone: (406) 732-5535

Our son with food allergies to milk, egg, peanut
and tree nuts was NOT here with us.

I spoke with Susan, one of the owners.  She
said patrons come from miles around because
they know that Two Sisters Café can handle
food allergies and gluten free requests.Susan’s
sister is one of the chefs and they are happy to
prepare food allergy specific meals in a clean
sauté pan to avoid cross-contamination.  They
warn celiac patrons that their fryer is NOT
gluten free. They cook many items in the fryer,
so be sure to ask if it is safe or not for your
personal food allergy situation.   They stock
plain rice for patrons who cannot eat the fries.

Susan mentioned they also run a food allergy
friendly catering business in Missoula, MT.

Two Sisters Cafe is 4 miles north of St. Mary on
US 89 - turn left after exiting Glacier National
Park and head north 4 miles. We are opposite
Lower St Mary Lake - just look for the VERY
purple building standing alone - that's us!
Babb, MT
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Cattle Baron Supper Club
Hwy. 89
Babb, MT

(406) 732-4033

Our son with food allergies to milk, egg, peanut
and tree nuts was NOT here with us.

This review shared by Ann.
Sorry, but this place is not in the habit of
customizing orders.  When I asked for a plain
baked potato I was told the cheese is added to
the potato earlier in the day.  When I asked for
plain zucchini, I was told the vegetables are
prepared earlier in the day and all cooked
together, so I would have to take my zucchini
with pepper and onions or go without.

When our orders arrived, the wrong steak was
served to the wrong person, so the Well got the
Medium and visa versa.