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Asheville, NC
Bistro Cafe at The Biltmore Estate
1 Approach Rd.
Asheville, NC   28803
(800) 411-3812

Bud was not with us.
While we were waiting for our table, I
spoke with the Hostess. She told me
they do not use nut oil, and they have
a history of serving people with food
During lunch, our waiter was very
willing to go to the kitchen to scout
out some plain avacado for me, but it
had all been used in the guacamole.

After lunch, I spoke with our waiter
who seemed very professional and
pleasant.  He went to the kitchen to be
sure he had accurate answers to my
food allergy questions.  
They do serve people with food
allergies.  The fryolator is
cross-contaminated with buttermilk
from one of the menu items. The Bistro
does have a gluten free menu and a
lactose free menu.

People who live in the area, have the
option to purchase an annual
membership pass to the multiple
Biltmore restaurants.


Food Allergy Friendly Restaurants, Food Allergies 22 Years

Brookstone Lodge
4 Roberts Rd.
Asheville, NC  28803
(828) 398-5888


Bud was not with us.  This hotel is 6
months old at the time of this post.
The room was very clean and
equipped with a microwave and
refrigerator. It's located  outside of
the downtown area.

The lobby store sold some small food
items including raisins, sunflower
seeds Lays potato chips, latex-free
bandaids and water. They also sold
some of the usual fare including

The complimentary breakfast included
small boxes of Cheerios, Frosted Mini
Wheats, Fruit Loops, apples, bananas,
and Oranges.

The internet service on the lobby
computer was slow.