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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Restaurant Christophe
Leliegracht 46
1015 DH Amsterdam
(020) 625 08 07

At the recommendation of the
bartender of the Hotel Toren, I spoke
with a waiter at Restaurant Christophe
regarding food allergies. He assured
me that they could handle food
allergies and that the chef was familiar
with avoiding cross-contamination.


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Hotel Toren
Van Eeghenstraat 64
1071 GK Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 6226352

Our room had a mini bar refrigerator. A
picture of it's contents is on the Food
Allergies To Go  
Facebook page.  The
room was clean and overlooked one
of the canals.

There were a few items at the
breakfast buffet in the hotel that
looked safe for my son who is allergic
to milk, egg, peanut, and tree nuts.
The list includes Corn Flakes, Smacks,
bananas, oranges, red apples, green
apples, and Sesam Wafers (wheat
flour, sesame seed, water, yeast,
vegetable fat,sugar,salt) by Wasa
General Information: The bartender at
the Hotel Toren told me to be very
careful with food allergies while in
Amsterdam.  He explained that the
relaxed party atmosphere of the
Amsterdam residents sometimes
carries over into restaurant service.
So, I should be aware that some
servers might tell me that they are
taking food allergies seriously when
they actually were not.
He suggested I speak to someone at
Restaurant Christophe since he
knows the owner who has a
reputation for taking his trade very
seriously.  Restaurant Christophe also
provides room service for Hotel
Steakhouse Evita at
The Grasshopper
Oudebrugsteeg 16
The Netherlands

Steakhouse Evita
Reservations T: +31 (0) 20-4232424

The Grasshopper is a three floor
establishment.  The Steakhouse Evita
is on the top floor. I spoke with the
manager of the Grandecafe Bar (looks
like a popular party spot according to
their website), which is on the ground
floor of the Grasshopper.  She told me
that the staff of the Steakhouse Evita
could safely serve someone with food
allergies. Evita was not open, so I
could not speak directly to their staff.
The middle floor is a sports bar.