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Love is a Food Allergy Friendly Dad

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Love is a food allergy friendly dad.
He is a man who learns to cook because his sons love to eat.
He is a man who frequents the grocery store in search of new allergy friendly foods.
He is a man who encourages a kitchen remodel because he realizes the benefits of double ovens.
He is a man who watches Sunday football while he prepares the weekly feast.
He is a man who learns to drink his coffee black so his toddler won’t accidentally get into the milk.
He is a man who remembers to order the Divvies chocolates before every holiday.
He is a man who shops for food allergy friendly marshmallow chicks to put in the Easter baskets.
He is a man who uses several vacation days to help clean the first college apartment.
He is a man who surfs the internet in search of food allergy friendly restaurants.
He is a man who reads the food allergy newsletter before opening the sports page.
He is a man who watches cooking shows for new food allergy friendly ideas.
He is a man who owns a recipe box.
He is a man who’s not afraid to learn from his mother in-law who happens to be a great cook.

Yes, he played football in college.
Yes, he’s had concussions and broken bones.
Yes, he plays rough and might be a party to some of those stitches.
Yes, he coached his sons’ basketball teams.
Yes, he used to spend his weekends perfecting his golf swing.
Yes, he would stand in front of a moving train to save his children.
Yes, he realizes that life is not just about him.
No, you should not cross him regarding his family.

Love is a food allergy friendly dad.

From my heart, Ann


Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Love them, hug them, and believe in them when they are young,
for they too will grow up and fly away.

Two days ago he called and said he found a cheap flight to Hawaii.
In 32 minutes he boards his flight at Logan.
I have no idea how he got to the airport.
I have no idea what’s in his suitcase.
I have no idea what he packed for food.
I have no idea if he remembered his Epi-pens,
And I have no idea what his itinierary is.

I do know he’s very happy because I saw his smile when he dropped the puppy off.
I do know that he has a wonderful girlfriend and a terrific best friend because they drove along for the ride and joined us for dinner.
I do know he has a Mileage Plus account because I overheard him talking to the operator at Continental.
And I do know he has some meds because I saw them on the counter right before he left.

To every pre-school teacher and elementary school teacher who thought the apron strings would never break …,
To every parent who whispered behind the scenes that I was being over protective …,
To every hot shot who teased him because he brought his lunch to school …,
“I’m glad we did it OUR WAY!”

To my husband who stands beside me and became a better cook than myself …,
To my mom who cooked when we were too busy …,
To my sister who is always there for us …,
To Cyndy, and Paula, and Roberta, and Jean, and Jackie, and Debbie, and David, and Marianne, and Susan, and Nancy, and all the parents who gave him a safe place to play …,
To Dr. Young who pleasantly took my phone calls at 3 a.m. …,
To Joanne, and Sandy, and Annie, and Marlene, and Robin, and Elizabeth, and Bill, and all the teachers who went the extra mile …,
To Chris, Andrew, Mike, and John, and all the friends who sat beside him in the cafeteria …,
To Divvies, and Sunbutter, and Home Free Treats, and Enjoy Life and all the companies that cater to food allergies …,
“Thank you. We could not have been so successful without you.”

We are happy. We are proud.

Love them, hug them, and believe in them when they are young, for they too will grow up and fly away.