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Smitten by My Food Allergy Chef Card

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Oh, how I am smitten by the power of the food allergy chef card. This was our first trip to a foreign speaking country with our son and his food allergies, and believe me when I say I am very thankful that I took the time to prepare a detailed custom German food allergy chef card to be used in the Munich restaurants and surrounding towns. There were times when the waiters and waitresses spoke strong English, but there were also meals where they did not. In all cases, with some interaction between server and patron, and that small piece of paper with black, red and green ink, the food allergy message was effectively delivered to the chef. And I worried less whether or not the chef spoke English, because the paper with the food allergy message was delivered right along with the meal order slip. Each meal, it was delivered back to the table along with the plate of food, stained and crunched, looking quite used, making me quite happy. One time it was actually sitting on the plate in the food, but I didn’t mind because I know it had been in the kitchen to deliver the food allergy message.

Personally, on this trip the food allergy chef card provided an elegant yet powerful weapon in the arsenal of my most important food allergic diner. It delivered the food allergy message privately, loud, and clear. It minimized the stressful public banter between patron and server while improving the clarity of the food allergy message that actually reached the chef. Of course, we all know there is an inherent risk when dining out with food allergies, but why not use all of the weapons within our power to create a balance between keeping safe and leaving home? Will the food allergy chef card provide good results in the next restaurant? I don’t know yet. Will the food allergy chef card be as effective in other cities or other countries? I don’t know yet. Are all food allergy chef cards created equal? I don’t know that either. Will the food allergy chef card work for you? I can’t predict that.

Please keep in mind that I contacted the manager of each of these restaurants prior to dining there to see if they felt the restaurant was capable of handling my son’s food allergies. And they responded that they could handle the food allergies and that we needed to let our server know about the food allergies before placing the order. Also, the servers in these restaurants were NOT young inexperienced waiters and waitresses.

Click here to see the food allergy chef card I designed for my son to use in Germany. It’s English equivalent is also included. You are welcome to use the design for personal use only. This design is the property of Food Allergies To Go, LLC and is protected by the Terms snd Conditions at Please understand that you are agreeing that Food Allergies To Go is not responsible for the outcome of your use of this food allergy information.
I put many hours into this design after studying German, using, and the translate option within Microsoft Word. I printed the food allergy chef cards on paper, four per page, then cut them to fit in my son’s wallet. I considered laminating one to be reused but he preferred a disposable food allergy chef card in case it picked up any cross-contamination en route.

There are places online where you can buy food allergy chef cards, but I’m not sure what they look like since I have never seen one. Of course, I can’t know how effective they are. Please tell us your food allergy chef card experiences and let other readers know where you got your food allergy chef card.


Food Allergy Friendly: University of Florida, Royal Caribbean Cruise, Outback Steakhouse and Italy

Friday, August 28th, 2009

This review was contributed by Linda.
My daughter is now a 20 year old junior at the University of Florida. She is allergic to milk and eggs. She has outgrown several other food allergies. We recently came back from a cruise on a Royal Caribbean ship where she ate like a princess! The head waiter and chef worked together to prepare her excellent meals with no problems. They would show us the menu the evening before and she would make her selections. Also we tend to eat at Outback Steakhouses when traveling. They have been very accomodating and kind. Our best experience ever was actually traveling through Italy. The restaurants there were very knowledgable about food allergies and what ingredients were in their foods. Again, she ate very well throughout the country. But a key was having the information translated into Italian. I appreciate your website and wish I had found it sooner!