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Patriots and Peanuts

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Sunday afternoon hubby and I spent a few gorgeous November hours watching the Pats play the Bills at Gillette Stadium. The sun was out, the crowd was energized and I really didn’t care who would win the game. I was enjoying the company of an old friend and the aura of the crowd. All seemed right until I was walking up the massive stairway on my way back to my seat. There they were, catching me by complete surprise. Peanut shells! Yes, there were broken peanut shells scattered all over the next two stairs. When did we become such a nation of uninformed careless slobs? Come on People, there are others out there who are dreadfully allergic to peanuts. Is it really too much to ask that you put your shells back into the bag as you enjoy your favorite snack? How would you like it if someone were to drop slippery banana peels in your path every time you went out in public? Maybe you would slip and fall or maybe you’d be lucky and avoid them. And if you did fall, maybe you’d just be embarrassed, scared, suffer intense pain and waste half a day in the emergency room, then waste the next day or two trying to get yourself back to normal. Or maybe you wouldn’t be so lucky. Maybe you would bang your head and have a brush with death, or maybe you’d actually meet your Maker. Seems avoidable, doesn’t it? When all is said and done, how would you feel about the person who left the peels? Wouldn’t you expect better?