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Love is a Food Allergy Friendly Dad

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Love is a food allergy friendly dad.
He is a man who learns to cook because his sons love to eat.
He is a man who frequents the grocery store in search of new allergy friendly foods.
He is a man who encourages a kitchen remodel because he realizes the benefits of double ovens.
He is a man who watches Sunday football while he prepares the weekly feast.
He is a man who learns to drink his coffee black so his toddler won’t accidentally get into the milk.
He is a man who remembers to order the Divvies chocolates before every holiday.
He is a man who shops for food allergy friendly marshmallow chicks to put in the Easter baskets.
He is a man who uses several vacation days to help clean the first college apartment.
He is a man who surfs the internet in search of food allergy friendly restaurants.
He is a man who reads the food allergy newsletter before opening the sports page.
He is a man who watches cooking shows for new food allergy friendly ideas.
He is a man who owns a recipe box.
He is a man who’s not afraid to learn from his mother in-law who happens to be a great cook.

Yes, he played football in college.
Yes, he’s had concussions and broken bones.
Yes, he plays rough and might be a party to some of those stitches.
Yes, he coached his sons’ basketball teams.
Yes, he used to spend his weekends perfecting his golf swing.
Yes, he would stand in front of a moving train to save his children.
Yes, he realizes that life is not just about him.
No, you should not cross him regarding his family.

Love is a food allergy friendly dad.

From my heart, Ann

Food Allergies and Grandparents

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

I really like people. Most people are interesting to talk to and I usually learn something when I talk to strangers. Saturday, when I was waiting in line at CVS for my flu shot, I met a wonderful grandmother. In only a few minutes, we discovered that we grew up in the same town. Shortly thereafter, we realized that my mom had worked with her husband at one of the local banks. Somehow, we moved to talking about our mutual love for travel For me, it doesn’t take very long before the topic turns to children and food allergies. Sound familiar? It’s only natural, since I adore my boys, and food allergies have played a steady role in our daily routine for over two decades.
It was interesting to learn that this friendly grandmom has twin grandsons, and their twelve year old friend has food allergies. It was easy to quickly gain respect and admiration for her, when she talked about taking her grandsons and their friend out to eat in restaurants. She confidently accepts the handoff of the epi-pen from the boy’s mom, and off they go. People like this make the world a better place.
While we’re on the topic of grandparents, it was joyously overwhelming to see the number of grandparents at the food allergy fundraising walk back in September. Of the thousands of families that attended, it seemed that more than half were accompanied by the grandparents. And the ones I spoke with seemed actively involved in the grandchild’s food allergies. They had recipes and routines to keep the grandchildren happy and safe.
And let’s not forget my mom. For the last 22 years, she’s adjusted some of her kitchen routines to make it a safe haven for food allergen free meals. For many a holiday celebration, she’s cooked two meals, or one huge meal that was food allergen free for the entire family. And for almost a decade, she fed us once a week to free us from our own kitchen. Remember, it was only recently, that some restaurants decided to attempt to safely serve individuals with food allergies. To this day, our boys still look forward to Nana’s homemade apple pie. And yes, she makes the crust from scratch! Thanks Nana.
Love, Ann