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What’s For Dinner with Food Allergies?

Friday, May 28th, 2010

This can be an overwhelming question when you’re dealing with multiple food allergies and a hungry family with growing children. I found it especially frightening when there’s no option for take-out or dining out that can accommodate food allergies.
Twenty-two years ago, when our sons were first diagnosed with food allergies, I decided to come up with a weekly meal schedule, so that everyone in the household knew that if it was Monday, they would be seeing tofu lasagna or tofu pizza with homemade crust on the dinner table that night. If were Tuesday, it would be steak or hamburgers. You get the idea.
I did this because I keep a very busy schedule, am a fish out of water in the kitchen, and confused and dazed in the grocery store when shopping for items that would be safe for all of our food allergies.