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Santa Maria Suites Resort
1401 Simonton St.
Key West, FL  33040
(305) 296-5678

Bud was not with us.
This place was very good.  It was clean
by most people's standards.  I'll remind
Bud to pick up some Formula 409 or
Lysol wipes to clean off the kitchen
surfaces .  It came with a full kitchen, 2
bedrooms, 2 baths and a living room.
Beware that housekeeping comes in
each evening to turn down the beds
and leaves 2 chocolates on the bed
and complimentary muffins and coffee
supplies on the kitchen counter.  I'll
remind Bud to make arrangements with
the front desk to skip this evening
Caroline's Cafe
310 Duval St.
Key West, FL  33040
(305) 2947511

Bud was not with us.
At the time of this post, Caroline's is
ranked #4  at
After a yummy dinner, I talked to Joe,
the manager.  Joe mentioned that he
himself is mildly allergic to shellfish,
and they have some routines in place
that are food allergy aware.  They use
separate fryolators for the french fries
and the shellfish, and they use
separate, clean pans for every order.
Duffy's Steak & Lobster House
1007 Simonton St.
Key West, FL  33040
(305) 296-4900

Bud was not with us.
After a relaxing dinner, I talked to
Joanne, the manager, who has a family
member with anaphylaxis to wine.  She
explained to me that the kitchen staff
understands cross-contamination and
will use a clean pan to process the
order of any food allergic patron.
Roof Top Cafe
308 Front St.
Key West, FL  33040
(305) 294-2042

Bud was not with us.
At the time of this post, this place is
ranked # 10 at
After a tasty lunch, I learned that they
do have an occasional diner with food
allergies and the kitchen will do it's
best to serve food allergic individuals.
530 Simonton St. @ Southard
Key West, FL  33040
(305) 293-8181

Bud was not with us.  At the time of
this post, Sarabeth's is ranked # 7 at
After a tasty outdoor lunch, I had a
chance to talk to David Case, the
owner, who happens to be a
transplant from New York City.  They
do have experience serving patrons
with food allergies.  He explained that
they do understand
cross-contamination and use a clean
pan when preparing food for food
allergic individuals.  
Winn-Dixie (grocery store)
2760 N. Roosevelt Blvd.
Key West, FL
(305) 294 3664

Winn-Dixie is a full-sized grocery
store approximately 1.8 miles from the
Santa Maria Suites Resort where we
I found a lot of things that are on our
usual "grocery list" :

Dinty Moore beef stew (big can)
Dinty Moore chicken and dumplings
Hormel Compleats
Healthy Choice Mixers

H.C. sw. & spicy orange zest chicken
H.C. general tso's spicy chicken
H.C. sweet sesame chicken

Hormel Natural Choice:
smoked deli turkey
smoked deli ham
honey deli ham
carved chicken breast
oven roasted turkey

And for bread, the Winn-Dixie old
fashioned white looks possible.  And
they have Lender's bagels, both fresh
and frozen.
Dry Tortugas National Park
aboard the
Yankee Freedom II
240 Margaret St.
Key West, FL  33040

Bud was not with us.
This 9.5 hour boat trip to the Dry
Tortugas National Park was the height
of our trip.  There is no food or drink
available at the park.  All food
drink is provided by the ship's galley.

Breakfast and lunch are included in
the price of the boarding ticket, and
additional snacks and drinks are
available for purchase, including Lay's
chips, water and soda. Passengers are
allowed to bring a cooler of food to be
consumed on the island.  They
discourage passengers from
consuming cooler food on the ship,
but will make an exception for
passengers with food allergies.  Simply
tell a crew member at the galley about
your food allergies.  They will even
microwave  food upon request.  
(Although, this may cause some
possible cross-contamination issues
for some of us depending on the
condition of their microwave.)


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