When our flight first landed in Rome, the first words from my lips were "this is so
beautiful", but what I really was thinking is "how does one eat in the land of cheese
and gelato, with allergies to milk, egg and nuts"?  To make matters more difficult,
none of us spoke Italian.  We were armed with 34 year old rusty high school French
and Spanish.   Fortunately,  one of my travel mates listened to 3 lessons of Italian
from Pimsler, and  for 20 minutes I studied the Traveling Abroad  book that Bud had
ordered through the Food Allergy Network,
FAAN .  Unfortunately, the book left a lot
of gaps in my Italian food allergy vocabulary.  

Some of the locals spoke enough English to barely communicate.  Many waiters did
not understand food allergies nor English.

Bud was not with us on this particular trip, so I took the opportunity to research
available dining options for him on our nine day whirl wind tour of central Italia.  We
spent three days in Rome, two days in Tuscany and the final four days in Venezia,
with two quick trips to Murano.

At first, I was skeptical, but in the end we met some very nice people and found
some potential dining options.,
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